Email Marketing Services That Produce Results

Send Emails Your Customers Will Open

Your email marketing subscribers want to hear from you, but only if you have compelling content to show them. Don’t know how to do that? OK Digital Content can produce clickable and convertable email marketing campaigns for you!

Picture of an email icon on a phone. Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash.

Web Development

Convert visitors to purchasers with a customized website developed for you.

You’ve Got Mail

99% of all email users check their mail every day.

4 Billion Users

There are 4 billion email users in the world.

Fridays Are For Emails

Open rates are highest on Fridays, lowest on Sundays.

Services We Provide


There’s no need to manually send out emails anymore! Save time with automation and send emails at the exact moment that your customer is most likely to read them.


Regularly scheduling emails help keep your existing customers engaged and ensures you stay top of mind, even throughout your off-season. Marketing data shows that much like blogging, consistent email campaigns are more successful than sending emails randomly.


Organizing people on your list by the services they are interested in, by customer type, geography, and other important information helps you send more relevant, customized emails which ultimately leads to higher conversions.


Emails with images and videos are opened more often and get better click-through rates (which is a term we use to describe the rate at which customers click from the email to your website). Strong click-through rates usually lead to high conversion rates of receiving leads.


The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) Act has rules for email campaigns. We’ll help you abide by these rules and notify you when they change.


Readers should immediately know that they are reading an email from your company.


Your emails need to be interesting and full of helpful information, which will encourage recipients to open them now, and then save them for when that information is needed down the road.