Your Number One Communication Tool in the 21st Century


You need a website.

A website is a home for your business on the Internet. And everyone is on the Internet. Every one. Your grandmother is Googling right now.

This may not be news to you. You may be wondering why I’m even writing a blog on such basic, fact-of-the-matter information. But I can’t tell you how often I’ve been asked by clients if they need a website.

Yes, you need a website.

And I’m not talking about a Facebook page or a Twitter page or even a Yelp or a Google+ or Business page. You need a website.

W-w-w dot yourbusiness dot com.

Don’t be a weirdo

If you don’t have a website, you’re basically telling everyone you’re a weirdo. And if you only have a social media account you’re telling everyone you are too cheap to buy a domain name and a hosting package.

You control your website. No one else does that. Well, you could give someone else that job (and sometimes that’s a good idea), but for the most part you should have control of your website and the content that is on it. That way you are communicating what your customers need to know about your business.

And if you have one already – when was it updated?

Updating your website tells potential customers you still exists

Websites shouldn’t be stagnant. Some pages don’t need to be changed often. Contact pages, even About or company bios can remain relatively static. But the rest of the website needs to be fluid.

Your customers are going to come from a variety of different places, especially if you do any advertising. So what you communicate in your advertisements needs to be reflected on the pages that you send your audience to, even if it’s just your homepage.

You need only look at someone’s website for a minimum of eight seconds (which, by the way, is the average length of time to make an impression on a user before they either move forward or click off your page) and you know instantly if it hasn’t been updated in a while. And if you work in an industry that’s known for growth, development, and change – you want to reflect that you too are growing, developing , and changing too, right?

Websites are important. You definitely need one and if it hasn’t been updated in some time – maybe you should give that content a look over.

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